Developmental Movement and Vision Centre

Movement and vision are the primary way we direct our lives -  impacting performance, enjoyment, comfort, energy and social interaction.

Some children and adults have movement issues affecting learning or function - these can be 'inherited', due to incomplete development (before or after birth), or the result of later injury or illness.

Our Centre offers internationally recognised, affordable and effective therapy.  Our service is based on meeting the needs and goals of the patient and their family in an enjoyable way. We work within NZ Health and Disability guidelines to ensure our work is consistent and accountable.

The Developmental Movement and Vision Centre is linked to other similar centres and practitioners around NZ.

What we do

Over the past five years we have assisted many children and adults to increasing learning, motor, reading, writing, visual, social, work and life-skills. 

A few examples include: better eye contact, breath control, communication and hand-eye coordination in autism; improved understanding of the mechanisms of orientation in blackout conditions for fire brigade applicant; improved ability to receive and express directions and ideas within attention deficit; improved reading performance through visual control; distinguishing and living with the effects of brain injury; facilitating paediatric assessment and educational support for dyspraxia.


We can provide full Movement Assessments with reports to help get information to you, teachers or practitioners.

We can do comprehensive Visual Perceptual assessments to see how vision works with other senses (touch, hearing, spatial understanding) and affects learning - Is the information we need getting in? What do we do with the information? Where are any issues: Input, Output or in between?

Benefits of therapy

Increased communication skills (written/verbal/reading)
Improved findings on full vision testing (including tracking, focusing, eye teaming, depth perception and binocular skills)
Making the most of the skills I have
Improved sport and arts performance
Improved balance and coordination, reduction in motion sickness
Information on how I function - learning to work with what I have and expand what I can do

Mobile/In Home Service

Now based in Whitby, Wellington, we are mobile and cover Wellington,Wairarapa and Kapiti Coast with in-home, in-school or at-work therapy options.

Funding, Referrals, Team approach

We work as part of the child or adult's learning community or work  team in communication with teachers, workplaces and your healthcare providers.
We offer a referral information service to other practitioners who may be the best people for you to see, and we can assist with information on possible funding.

About Sharon.....

I've worked as an optometric vision therapist and movement practitioner for the past 5  years (4 as the Optometric Vision Therapist in a large optometry practice) and now work as a movement and vision therapist from my studio where I also teach music and 3Dart. I currently homeschool a Year 8 student within the NZ Curriculum, and have a teen with rare neurological movement and vision impairment.

I am interested in the transformation that working with movement and vision can give a person, from my youngest client (2) to my eldest so far (50+) from all walks of life. 

 I am a Rhythmic MovementTrainingTM Consultant (worldwide) and am partway to Australasian College of Behavioural Optometry Accreditation as an Optometric Vision Therapist (applies when working with a Fellow of the College). I also conduct, lead and perform as a violinist, and have DipMusHons(Performance)(NZ) in Violin, and City and Guilds Practical and Memorial Masonry Certifications (UK).

I am planning university research in physiology and am co-writing a children's book on Vision.